My dear fellow countrymen and women,

As you are aware, on January 9h, 2022, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) decided on sanctions against Mali during the Accra Summit. On reading the ECOWAS and WAEMU statements one may get the impression that the complex nature of the situation in Mali was unfortunately not taken heed of. It is regrettable that the ongoing efforts by the Transitional authorities were overlooked.

My dear Fellow countrymen and women, Now is the time for all Malians to come together as one to stand our grounds, uphold our principles and defend our homeland. Every Malian man and woman, wherever they are, must behave as defenders of our Nation’s highest interests. We have a clear view as to how serious the situation is. It is up to all of us to silence all divisions and pull up together around what is paramount to us all: Mali, our homeland. I, therefore appeal for constant mobilization and resilience in the face of the situation.

My dear Fellow countrymen and women,

We have just held nationwide consultations for refoundation (ANR, Assises Nationales de la Refondation) aimed at taking stock of all your concerns geared at building a new Mali. On the wake of these consultations, I committed to provide the ECOWAS with the conclusions coupled with a chronogram for elections. In this framework, on December 31, 2021, I dispatched an inter-ministerial delegation on an explanatory mission to the Chair of the Authority of ECOWAS Heads of State.

My dear Fellow countrymen and women,

Our country’s social and political history proved, on many occasions, that we do need to horoughly revise our system to avoid constant relapse and restarting from scratch. That is what we tried to explain and clarify to ECOWAS Heads of State. Because Mali, as a country, has always stated its readiness to give away part of its sovereignty in favor of African integration.

 Now, therefore, is the time for us, my fellow countrymen and women, to come together, to make ourselves stronger, in a bid to simply exist, to exist as a Nation, to exist in our diversity.

My dear Fellow countrymen and women,

Please keep you quiet and serenity, because we have chosen to remain true to ourselves in order to take our destiny in our hands and forge ahead. Let us remain focused and keep in mind that the long way to happiness is rough and bumpy.

However, courage and dedication will get us there. Such is the essence of our National Anthem. ECOWAS and WAEMU have taken their responsibilities. So shall we. No need to carry out any violence as it has never been in our character.

We had expected that, prior to the ECOWAS Extraordinary Summit, a thorough perusal would have been conducted on our proposed time frame along with a timeline to discuss and analyze our proposal. Even before any decision is made.

I must confess that even though we do regret the illegitimate, illegal and inhuman nature of some decisions, measures, Mali remains available for dialogue with ECOWAS in a bid to reach a consensus allowing space for Malian people’s highest interests and the compliance with the Organization’s basic principles. Our commitment to go back to constitutional normalcy under appeased and secure circumstances remains unwavering.

We, once again, appeal to ECOWAS for a thorough analysis of the situation in our country while putting the highest interests of the Malian people above all other considerations.

My dear fellow countrymen and women,

I am fully aware of your worries as to the consequences of such measures, but I can reassure you that all necessary arrangements are being made to meet the challenge and supply actions will continue.

My dear fellow countrymen and women, since we took our responsibilities in the face of our destiny, we have always strived to ensure the well-being of all Malian people in all their diversity. And we shall continue to do so.

Malian men and women, as I conclude, I wish to urge and appeal to you for more solidarity and resilience in the face of the denting ongoing challenges.

Together we shall build the Mali we aspire to!

May Allah bless Mali and protect Malians!

Thank you for your attention

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